09-05-18 Al Seef

Wednesday 9th May 2018

For years we’ve been walking past the Carlton Hotel and waving to the lovely little person/dwarf/midget who works there. Today as we sat in the cool airconditioning of the hotel lobby awaiting our ride to Al Seef, Kingsley decided to shake this guy’s hand and have a chat. He returned the favour and these two young men bonded.

By lunchtime we’re landed in Al Seef and its searing hot. I’m okay but JiaJia Dora’s crown is burning and even Kingsley is cranky from the sonic heat. But friendship in the form of Haarleen is round the corner. As soon as she walked in the door of The Brass Cafe, Kingsley could not stop smiling; ran to her and they hugged.

From that minute these two scamps didn’t let go of each other’s hand. To the loo together, strolling the promenade together, catching the boat and putting on life vests together. Kingsley gave her some presents – a Frozen-themed beach set and a tambourine – and the Panesars gave us a lift home in the late afternoon.