Good Food Diet Day 6 12Feb13

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. Today’s spark came with the watching of Cirque Du Soliel’s Dralion. Those contortionists and acrobats had me at once yearning for sweeties (you know the ones: snakes alive, fruity jubes) and in an instant, motivated to shun the carbs…for these daring men and women are lean and fit, muscular and nimble. Such characteristics do not attend the consumption of fast foods and junk ones at that.

Dralion Cirque Du Soliel Dubai

Dralion Cirque Du Soliel Dubai

I would have consumed – throughout the day and night – a kilo of low fat yoghurt. And I am not kidding. Its an addictive substance to my tastebuds especially when sprinkled liberally with zataar, an Arabic spice made of ground thyme and sesame seeds. As for the rest of today’s cuisine, well, it was made up of apples, bananas, and various veges. At least I was not tempted by the packets of sweets in my office drawer (those I keep for my team!).

Today’s Food Count (in no order):

1 kg low fat yoghurt (630 cal)

1 banana (100 cal)

4 medium apples (400 cal)

250 gram mushrooms (60 cal)

1 large tomato (30 cal)

Cherry tomatoes (40 cal)

1 onion (60 cal)

200 gram zaatar (200 cal)



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