26-06-20 Kingsley: Lachie Friday

Friday 26th June 2020

Its Friday and that means two things: Jiu-jitsu class and Lachie Playdate. These boys relive their favourite parts of life, together: getting picked up together at Pick-up Zone with Mr. Townsend calling both boys’ names as Erroll awaits in the car.

At home Jiajia Dora serves them chicken pilaf but it’s too exciting to eat m. These boys shoot hoops till it’s time to drive to jiu-jitsu then eat a McHappy Meal onmy because this week each child receives a toy with purchase. The toy today is a horse named ‘Spirit’.

After the McHappy meal I surprise the lads with a box of Cornettos. Theyeeat two each by the end of the evening.

Getting a decent photo is literally out of the question tonight. This is as good as it gets though Lachie’s mum, Nikky, makes me really happy. She sends me a photo of the montage up on Lachie’s bedroom wall: a series of photos just Lachie & Kingsley over their past Playdates.