Kingsley: Markel

May-June 2016 Saronitha

Over the course of our five week Summer of 2016 vacation in Greece, two little boys became firm mates. Kingsley at (2.5 years of age) became the bestie of Markel a half Greek-half Albanian boy of 4.5 years. The mums met at a local children’s playgound first, as we admired each other’s boys and their feisty personalities, their courage to play with the older kids and their willingness to attempt the more difficult rides. Us mums – Marcy and I – came to seek each out every day, asking whether we would be available to come for a swim, a walk, a play with the boys. Meanwhile and before our eyes, Kingsley and Marcel came to love each other’s company especially at the beach where all rules of playing ‘quietly’ were tossed out to sea.

Here are the boys vowing to be mates for life…

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