02-02-19 Graduated to Blossom

Saturday 2nd February 2019

At 10am the NICU rounds begin and fortunately I’m there in Level 1 attending Keanu while Madam Elektra sleeps soundly. His progression from very poorly eleven days ago to bonny boy today is rapid and astounding. So much so that we officially graduate into the Blossom Suites where Kingsley will be under my care.

What Keanu must demonstrate is that he can live without the nasogastric tube; that his little mouth is powerful enough for all-suck feeds over the next 48 hours. So its expressed milk in a bottle for him, formula and breast.

This begins today, at 11am, coinciding with Oma’s very first visit to meet the babies. Three generations of Hartleys arrive with Kingsley throwing himself into my arms and demanding mummă’s full attention. He deserves and I want to so leaving behind Oma, daddy and the twins Kings leads the way to adventures around the hospital. First port of call: the recycling machine in the foyer. 3 plastic bottles & one can of coke recycled thus providing The Royal 40 cents. Kings is proud to contribute; I’m proud of him.

Meanwhile some strange insatiable hunger overtakes each twin and I find myself feeding round the clock today. In fact it’s 8:30pm now. I’ve fed Elektra (she wants boob), washed her bum, put her to bed. Keanu kicks off. He gets a bottle of boob, does a poo, passes out on my shoulder. Won’t be put down in his crib. Then Elektra bellows. Another stinky nappy! Now wants the right boob! I’m doomed.