16-10-19 Twins: Dunks

Wednesday 16th October 2019

We begin our day as day breaks, Kingsley still snoring and Elektra full from sleep (though I’m not; mental note to nap with her this morning). We’ve a follow up appointment at Dr. Lambrou to see how the medicine is suiting / treating Elektra. Verdict: she’s on the mend. So of course I want to celebrate with dunk in the Aegean. That’s my agenda. Elektra’s is to nap and she does so in the marcipo en route to My Market.

We of course stop to smell the last jasmine of the season before she nods off. Erroll too has his mid morning siesta with Keanu who has come over with spots and ravaged by mosquitoes. Zyrtec and Ponstan to the rescue. We four are ready for a swim so with napped and fed babies we head down to the beach via of course Kiria Kiki who is our Greek Mrs. Mangles.