08-08-17 Oscar Nicholson

Tuesday 8th August 2017

A new aquaintance today is made and a sweet friendship is forged between very cute 5 year old Oscar and Kingsley.

Mum Rebecca and I have been mates from our Dubai hair modelling days and today the Hartleys hosted a party for the kiddies to finally meet.

Highlights of the day: 1) Kingsley literally running up to Oscar (never having met before) as the shy child stood a little nervously by the lifts. Gives his new mate a big warm embrace, ushers Oscar inside and our little visitor is all smiles from here on in; 2) Both kids get nude and into a bubble bath. Bathroom and hall drenched. Both kids doing nudie runs around the apartment. Rebecca charged with drying / dressing them while I mop; 3) Spare bedroom is discovered, kids get under the doona, cuddle, crack up and pretend to sleep with loud snoring. In fact this is how Rebecca and I discovered them…