Kingsley: Greece Spring ’17

April-May 2017

I’d not exposed Kingsley to a Northern Spring before and with a couple of months ‘free’ between our Summer holidays in Sydney ending in February and our family holiday in Phuket booked for May/June, there was no way I would miss this opportunity for Easter in Greece and get mumma Dora along too!

The highlight of this trip of course has been enrolling Kingsley into preschool. No tears, no tantrums. The opposite actually: rushing for the little yellow school bus and enthusiastically greeting Mr. Mixăli the kindly driver and the young, pretty Miss. Xristīna who buckles the kiddies up.

Other worthy mentions is when Kingsley was ‘accepted’ into a two-a-side team to play pothösphero (as the beautiful game is known here); meeting up with his old mates Fīvos and Markělle amid hugs and genuine happiness to see one another again; climbing a mountain; following a dry riverbed; tasting honeycomb straight from the bee farm (the melisòkomīo).

I write this on 14th April – Good Friday – after having spent a beautiful hour at church Kingsley gazing at the Christ’s epitaph and climbing underneath it (at least eight times).


Moment we hit the streets of Saronītha at 12 noon

Discoveries: honeycomb and where honey comes from

Our favourite Saronītha cove, opposite the fig tree

Battling it out for the other kid’s book

Day 1 Wednesday 5th April