14-10-17 Parent Fail

Saturday 14th October 2017

There are always firsts in parenthood; today was my first in soccer parent fails. Why didn’t I read the memo on when soccer practice in on? We turn up with plenty of time to spare: 10:45am for a 11:30am kick off; Kingsley gets stuck into the soft play area before his team the Asterăkia are on the field with their two coaches; Erroll and I skype me proudly showing off that I made it ‘on time’ to our first weekend session; but all I see is semi-professional men thrash it out, game after glorious game; nowhere are the babies – the Asterăkia. 

We’re still hanging around the clubhouse at 1pm (me handfeeding Kingsley banana just in case his team goes on any minute). And its here that Mr. Andrěas points out that Kingsley’s team were on at 9:30 this morning. ‘Parents must read the memo which confirms weekend times the little ones play…’ he gently guides me to the notice board. And to read the pinned memo. And I indeed promise myself to pay attention to the memo like every good soccer parent should!

Leaving the clubhouse Kingsley counts on his fingers how many chances he’ll give me at this soccer mum lark…