16-08-17 Friends Day

Wednesday 16th August 2017

Just as yesterday was dedicated to our family, today – since Erroll flew for Orlando for a long layover – we are dedicating to friends. Kingsley and I are out the door at 10 AM and in at 7PM. We’ve walked to Citywalk in order to meet Camilla for a breakfast date, then walked to the Dubai Mall to meet Rio for a lunch date, spent hours in The Toy Store playing with Transformers, created a booklet for Ba-Bah at a pop-up craft store, enjoyed The Dubai Aquarium (after Mall Security found a missing Kingsley mincing within the ‘exclusive, paying patrons only’ section of the Aquarium (!!), and in the early evening outside our apartment block, met two very cute gregarious brothers aged 5 and 3, here with their family on holidays from Tehran. This initial meeting led to playing for a carefree hour or two with balloons, cars and eventually Haagen Dazs tubs of ice creams shared by the boys as us adults looked on with pride.

Its 8:30PM now: the champ is laying on the bed watching one of his favourite movies, a Danish animated motion picture dubbed in Greek, Help! I’m a Fish!

He’s eaten two Babybels and a hamburger pattie is cooling down ready to be gnawed at. Penne pasta is up next and tonight just every night his dessert is a Jazz apple. Erroll has skyped us from Orlando and funnily enough he has checked into the same room we stayed in last year.

Its now time to relax and dine for the little man, for the day has been extremely active and filled with friends new and old.