18-02-20 Kingsley: Infants Choir

Tuesday 18th February 2020

Your very first session in a Choir this morning early in fact 8:30am and daddy gets you there to Miss Styling’s classroom on time. We’ve been practising singing lately (how much is that doggy in the window night and day) so to cheep out your own voice among fellow years 1 and has made you so excited to be part of Choir.

So excited that you forgot your school bag outside Miss Styling’s classroom that the office called me to let me know ‘Erroll forgot Kingsley’s bag in his car, so now doesn’t have lunch. Shall I order him something from the canteen?…’.

I of course start cursing Erroll but it turns out Kingsley merely forgot his bag at Choir. The canteen pities the child and gives him watermelon to eat.