07-05-20 Twins: One on One Time

Thursday 7th May 2020

She made all types of funny sounds pointing at me and when I picked her up she squeezed me saying book.

So we looked through that’s not my dragon and giggle & hoot.

This is what Erroll writes me as he puts Elektra to sleep. How lucky is he that he gets to experience all this.

That’s tonight. Today for the morning shift I have Elektra. She naps during the morning school run. I rage on walking to Randwick for my exercise and 4 litres of milk. She is restless and often cries out. I recognise these yelps: she’s about to do a poo and hates doing them in her nappies.

My afternoon is spent with gentle loving Keanu who also naps as we power walk to Bondi Junction, though he fights the nap hard. That’s his thing: fighting naps but I’m faux-stern with him telling him in no uncertain words ‘νάνι ΝΆΝΙ’. He crashes out before we hit Clovelly road.

At night after Lachie Shepherd’s impromptu Playdate here, I take Keanu & Linus to bed early. And once again I’m stern. By 7:15pm they’re asleep.