31-12-18 Lawn Bowls for NYE

Monday 31st December 2018

Final day of this spectacular year and last day of being 46. I think I can handle the march of time…but this pain in my right ribs is a horror. So out we go for the early evening, out of the house and down to play lawn bowls as the Coogee fireworks get set up.

This morning Kingsley watches Erroll receive a haircut down at Barber x, eats an icecream then calls me to confess! The child is always confessing to his daddy-purchased icecreams. The lads then go to the car wash and mooch about the beach.

Even though the plan is to watch the 9pm Coogee Sparkles fireworks none of us make it. Frank is asleep next to Jiajia Dora and as Erroll flies back from Hobart Linus and i pass out after reading 4 poems. However my new years is truly complete: Dora has been nothing but a pleasure allowing us to take over the house…and remain here for as long as we wish, Erroll arrives home at 10pm for kisses, our 5 year old is peacefully sleeping (in our/his bed!!), twins are 33 weeks along in but 2 hours, Marlen is having a ball on the harbour and Sylvia is partying at Scott’s very lusty NYE.

Blessings all round.