14-09-20 Kingsley: Park Date

Monday 14th September 2020

What luck! Both Lachie and Isaac are off to Zip Line Park and since we’re heading there after school these three boys have one wild hour in front of them. Immediately they ascend the stairs to fly the zip line then tackle each other to the ground Isaac burning a thick layer of knee skin off. Kingsley applies water from Isaac’s water bottle on the wound to make the sting go.

Elektra takes full advantage of her being the only female in the group, insists on the baby swing, pushing Keanu out of the way to get at it. Keanu is nonplussed; a stick is enough entertainment for our boy as is another child’s scooter. She’s almost airborne from the violence of Lachie, Kingsley and Isaac’s pushes. She tilts her head back and laughs, surrounded by her three male slaves. Keanu wanders about Zip Line Park humming a tune happy in himself.

Jiu-jitsu follows the park, Erroll coming to meet up straight from painting the apartment. With a banana, two yoghurts and pita bread down his throat Kingsley is ready to dominate the Dojo.