Kingsley: Tickle

21 March 2014

Our boy is all of a sudden ticklish! At three and a half months, and after many attempts at tickling his little feet, ribs and under his chin, the breakthrough! A huge, charming and glorious giggle. Not to be mistaken for just any old giggle, for this laugh was straight after a nuzzle on his ribs, and straight from the heart. He loved it! So did I, that gummy smile of his.

Kingsley's ticklish feet

Kingsley’s ticklish feet

Laughter from tickling is manifestly a reflex action, and my little man shows that gummy smile as wide as his wee mouth can open each time I gently bite his ribs and feet and the back of his neck. Then Kingsley really cracks up after afew body shots. HAHHAHA!!


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