08-01-21 Twins: Two Hour Nap

Friday 8th January 2021

After a few days of Erroll away I am ready to have him back. This morning the babies are such good kids only getting up at 8:30am and toddling out the bedroom door at 8:56. Kingsley is quiet since he’s playing daft app games on my phone. The babies are sweet and look for Γιαγιά Elektra especially calling out to her. Keanu sucks on his πιπίλα won’t let it go without some sort of lure, fresh milk it is.

We play at home and even though the aim is to immerse ourselves in a midday nap at the midday hour its way past 1pm before I wrangle the twins for a nap. But they won’t nap! They want to laugh and play giggle avd pull each other’s fluffy toys from each other’s grip. I become very cranky, yell ‘νάνι! ΝΆΝΙ!’  avd still they giggle. I then pretend to leave the room, and do so three times yell some more physically plop them on their sides bottles in mouths holding their hands then FINALLY we ALL pass out!

Two blessed ours passed out! Only to energetic from the bedroom at 4:25pm far too late to take Linus to jiu-jitsu, so the pressure is off and we mooch about waiting for Erroll to arrive from his long layover interstate.

Its Elektra who spots daddy first squeaking ‘μπαμπά ΜΠΑΜΠΆ!’ on the top of the stairs looking back at me widest smile possible like she’s made the greatest discovery ever! Daddy’s home! And I can finally breathe!