07-04-18 Baby Possum

Saturday 7th April 2018

Kingsley is never happier than when Frank is over. Tails are pulled, bones are offered, fur is scratched.

Today we also we visited by another creature: a baby possum. Slinking about slowly beneath the spit we oooh and aahh and when Adam attempts to move it (presumably the baby has lost its mum) the beast launches at his arm with talons extended. Nature at Coogee! Kingsley is beyond thrilled and rushes up to the kitchen to tell me…and steal away with easter eggs cooling in the fridge. ‘To share with Atham’, he offers as an excuse.

In the early arvo Adam drives JiaJia Dora, Kingsley and I to visit our dearly departed. As is the child’s want he dances on their graves then we all light incense and say a prayer.