03-12-20 Twins: Mumma Haircut

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Two days out from Kingsley’s 7th bury party we begin with an argument: me versus Γιαγιά over of all things the timing of her hair cut. The babies are spooked at our yelling and having no influence on when Γιαγιά gets her hair coloured I capitulate and take the babies for a walk meeting Quyen at the beach to eat oranges. Immediately the babies recognise her and share their orange segments asking for “more, more”!

Next we’re back home to feed starving children κεφτέδες and Schnitzel, our hair argument of the morning more and more forgotten with each mouthful the babies eat. Of course we cannot go to see Remzi at the salon without the babies’ change of clothes. The hectic turnaround induces a good sleep thankfully and they are passed out on the 353 bus service, my walk to Pulse and that critical first hour I am in the chair.