20-06-17 Hourglass

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Ruth wasn’t in any humour to play outdoors this afternoon. She was tired, hot and bothered from school and she wanted us to come over to play. Its too hot today, she announced at 5:20pm when we rendezvous at Rolex Tower. Our usual stroll in the neighbourhood was to be postponed. Our favourite local park and visit to Delma corner store for a vanilla icecream must wait till tomorrow she concluded. Then showed us the way through her foyer.

Kingsley of course would do anything to keep Ruth happy so gleefully complied with her wishes. Off we went upstairs to 47D the two preschoolers suddenly energized and running along corridors.

Inside the two friends played side by side with 11 month old James whose great curiosity for what others are playing with made him not so popular among the older two. Kingsley’s discovery of a sand hourglass knocked him sideways. A new contraption!

“η άμμος στην κλεψύδρα κυλά ανελέητα…” I translated to him but Kingsley wasn’t listening. He was busy watching the sands of Ruth’s colourful hourglass trickle relentlesssly…