06-04-17 Day 2 School

Thursday 6th April 2017

Our morning was significantly easier with a full half hour more sleep-in as Mr Mixăli was driving past our place for the school run at 8:30am. This meant I was actually resembling a human mother when he parked at the curb, and Kingsley got to eat a decent breakfast before school (one fried egg, a babybel cheese wheel, some toast and milk).

JiaJia Dora is the most delighted granny these days, proud that her grandson literally bounds out of the house in a frenzied state and jumps up and down as the school bus approaches. Miss Xristīna bids JiaJia Dora farewell and I climb on board. Kingsley is definitely the chattiest preschooler on board commenting on the view as we drive from Saronītha to Lagonīssi via the coast: mountains, boulders, boats, seaside, islands.

The other kidlets range in enthusiasm levels: a couple of the boys are just as bubbly; cute blue-eyed girls are quiet though intruiged by Kingsley who runs a constant commentary.  Once arrived Miss Xristīna takes each kiddy by the hand and ushers them along but its Kingsley whom she chaperones into class with the delightful Miss Joanna.

Its 10:30 am now and I wait at the school principal’s office for the time (which looms) when Kingsley loses interest in the classroom and barrels out the door.

JiaJia Dora dropping Kingsley off for the school run