04-02-21 Twins: A Day in the Life

Thursday 4th February 2021

Here’s how our day went: 1. Keanu accompanies Kingsley to school, wearing just a nappy as he refuses clothing these days. We’re talking meltdowns at the idea of a tshirt. 2. Elektra stays with Γιαγιά while the rest of us visit my accountant. Again no clothing Keanu happy like a dog getting windswept from his car seat. 3. Finally a 2 hour nap in bed both Keanu and I waking after 3 when I’m supposed to be at Dr. Eliades. Meanwhile Erroll walks Elektra who passes out for an hour 40 minutes! 4. Both babies accompany me to Randwick for shopping they enjoy a chocolate and coconut protein ball and soy milk as I buy our groceries and stock up on bananas. 5. Elektra eats an entire banana by herself. 6. Showers with the babies to get the pongy smell away. 7. Another Greek argument and yelling between me and Γιαγιά the three kids going wild and taking advantage of the late hour enjoying the freak show that is their mumma going crazy for no reason. 8. Bed time routine is so enjoyable reading Χιονάτη 6 times their favourite page always where the Γιαγιά shares the poison apple with Snow White. And that page must’ve read 6 times over too.