06-10-20 Kingsley: Cousin Will’s 17th

Tuesday 6th October 2020

We’re deep into week 2 of Spring Break, Kingsley enjoying (should I say, obsessing) playing mindless games on my phone but also (reluctantly) complying with my insistence he do work sheets every day. In fact every morning I badger him as much as he badgers me. He wants access to my phone to play games; I want to exercise his mind. He wakes me for the phone though now knows better than to demand it; I expect sweet morning greetings and a wee rumble in the bed. Plus that he be kind and attentive to Elektra, who these days is really suffering with Hand Foot & Mouth disease. Still his morning presence always brings her to laughter and joy.

Today we managed to get Kingsley away from the phone in order to help me bake cousin Will a slab of chocolate brownie. Of course he revolted the minute the first egg splattered: he was done with the baking pretty early on!… And so back to the phone. But not before he competes work sheets!!

Our visit to Betty and Richard’s place is a jolly affair Kingsley proudly carrying the cake 🎂 in Γιαγιά Dora’s cake carrier. Will is surprised and thrilled we’re here…just for him! First things first giving Kingsley a huge bear hug. Kingsley remembered our last visit here; that we are chocolate brownie then too. But today is ever more special for we sing Happy Birthday to Will and the newest addition to the family is round the table too: Crumpet the greyhound.

After brownies for lunch Kingsley heads to Maroubra for surf school. Today’s adventure includes running into the water then face planting because the boy is tethered to the leg rope whichiis attached to Kingsley’s surfboard which is being carrying by a 6 foot 2 surf instructor who’s stationary.