06-05-19 Kingsley: The Slap

Monday 6th May 2019

This evening I slap you. Over the top of your ear and with an open hand. You were uncontrollable and so it seems was I. Endlessly I asked you kindly and nicely to please stop (what else; games on my phone); give it back (what else; my phone); don’t screech, blah blah.

The bloody tablet or phone or WiFi or games. Nothing else you care for. But when devices aren’t around you’re a cerebral angel. Books become your treasures; stickers and puzzles, paper and pencils becomes sources of joy. The instant you touch a device the devil is activated. Abd you SCREECH.

Well this evening I had to slap the devil out of you. It hurt. It shocked. It stopped us both in our tracks. But we hugged a little while after and you even let me take a shower with you. I was forgiven. And I’ll never do that again. JUST DON’T TOUCH MY BLOODY PHONE AGAIN!