30-09-20 Kingsley: Surf School Day 3

Wednesday 30th September 2020

For Spring Break the kiddo has decided he’ll become the next Kelly Slater but wants to be known as Kingsley Hartley, he says 🤣. Here we are day 3 of surf school and sure enough he’s already catching waves and standing on the board for moments at a time.

That’s the arvo. In the morning Linus chaperones me to Dr Teck Tang the miracle periodontist who is charged with the task of ensuring I don’t lose any teeth. Kingsley was good manners personified upon arrival greeting the receptor, sanitising hands and informing the doctor ‘I’m a doctor too’. He watched mouth agog then promptly became bored of all the tooth cleaning.

Later, when walking home together hand in hand (its been so long, we both loved it our alone time) Kingsley tells daddy over the phone that Dr Tang said mummy’s teeth are good even gave mummy a soft toothbrush.