17-12-20 Twins: Pool Party at Lachie’s

Thursday 17th December 2020

Ahh the steep price I pay for arranging a Playdate for Kingsley on his first day of summer break, no holiday care and the babies just won’t sleep. And its Keanu the madman who just fights his nap, cries inconsolably, red in the face, doesn’t want milk, is overheating but wants to swim in Lachie’s pool and on and on he wails because he just won’t nap. Elektra submits to sleep wherever we go in whatever pram or vehicle we’re in. Today she does pass out en route to Lachie’s for a swim. Keanu gets a whiff of chlorinated water and he wants to go in. So I’m gingerly trotting about the pool lest the child throws himself in or slips in. I have anxiety over the scenario I’ve dreamt of for the years Kingsley has been alive: through my own negligence I let the child fall in a pool to drown. So today I’m keeping Keanu very close to me and Nikki.

The walk home is awful: deeply disturbed crying desperate to sleep probably hungry and thirsty but not accepting my offerings. We must ride this out! And ride we do with Woolies shopping bags all the home. Both babies upon seeing our house seem to rise in spirits immediately! Its ‘γιαγιά, ΓΙΑΓΙΆ!!’ atythe front gate. Γιαγιά offers them roast potatoes and vegetable pilaf; all three kids settle into opening their mouths like birds, being fed like they’ve never seen such flavoursome food before.

Which lulls me into a false sense of security. Here I am thinking it’ll take mere minutes to put them down, it takes over an hour to get those jumpy nerves calm enough to submit to νάνι.