Kingsley: Morning Nursery Run

1st June 2014

Our baby begins nursery this week. Woe to me.

Oh, I am certain that structured daycare will be good for Kingsley. He will love playing with the other kids and learning new things. I also know he will miss me almost as much as I miss him. And lets not get started on Erroll, who has bonded ever so much with his boy these past two months and now must hand him over to care.


20 minute walk from home to nursery. Erroll does the morning run.

The timing is perfect, however. Getting into a good nursery is a big deal where we live – which is in the Financial Centre of Dubai – and many women get on wait lists when they first find out they are pregnant. It’s madness, actually. In fact, we were turned away from Hummingbird Nursery initially because of the sheer number of working mummas in my area putting their babies down on waiting list, but we finally made it to the top of the list.

And so, at one week shy of six months of age, Kingsley begins nursery and Erroll insists on doing the morning run…the two boys still bonding over a takeaway café late and bottle of milk-to-go.

Erroll carries King to Nursery. DIFC, Dubai.

Erroll carries King to Nursery. DIFC, Dubai.


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