03-01-21 Twins: Museum of Sydney

Sunday 3rd January 2021

Chaperoning Kingsley and his birthday buddy Lachie to the Museum of Sydney, Elektra is a joy. Firstly because she is jolly throughout our bus ride, shop at Coles then tram ride to the city. Plus she’s willing to immerse herself in the Enchanted Valley installation there while the boys played. Then most significantly very happily fell into a deep sleep and stayed asleep for an hour and a half without a peep. Oh and when she woke she told me ‘wee’ so off we go to the loo and lo! Third day in a row Elektra does her wee on the loo.

Eke can hang with us any time. Meanwhile Keanu recieves precious daddy one on one time at home. Fighting his nap Erroll walks him for an hour late in the afternoon for the nap magic to happen.