31-01-21 Kingsley: Lexie’s 8th

Sunday 31st January 2021

Shitty part of becoming 7 is the attitude, ungracious behaviour, privileges and demands plus speaking to me badly and rudeness. Oh and did I mention the unrelenting demands and tantrums? Welcome to Kingsley age 7.

I manage to refrain from smacking Kingsley today at Betty’s place and tonight at home after Lexie’s 8th birthday party. The kid was unyielding and rigid: WERE IS THE FOOD COLOURING YOU PROMISED ME? YOU SAID YOU’D GO GET IT!!

He’s prone to hysteria and throwing himself on the ground these days even declaring ‘I’m bored’ when out at friend’s places. Oh and ‘I NEVER get presents. You never get me presents’.

However hard I attempt to be patient I lose my shit and literally hiss at Kingsley ‘do what you want’ or ‘get out of my room; GO’. Erroll though knows how to calm him. Kingsley needs one on one attention (can’t play by himself) so tonight after Kingsley lost his marbles because we couldn’t connect the tv to the wall (misplaced the cable), and thus he couldn’t watch a video, Erroll takes the child away, feeds him roast potatoes (bless Γιαγιά Dora), and while I deal with the babies, relaxes him, brushes teeth, did his ablutions, read Dogman in bed then passed out.