11-06-18 Jumbo-Doh

Monday 11th June 2018

Monday mornings have never run so smoothly as they did today. Child calm and rested; father engaging and creative; mumma cooking up breakfast and feeding. Everyone doing their bit to see Kingsley out the door on time for Mr. Vasili’s school run.

What helps is the fantastic box of play-doh ‘funny faces’ – a gift from Mirella – which allows the child (and dad) to stick plastic shoes, hats, eyes, ears and arms into the blob of doh thus transforming mere blobs into odd creatures. Favourite part of the box is definitely the syringe which when pressed squeezes out the doh into strands of hair.

Kingsley woke, spots the box and plays for a full hour with Erroll. No TV, no carry on or our of control behaviour. Especially good for moi: not a peep out of our son as he’s fed a banana, country bread & butter, eggs.

We will be playing with the Jumbo-Doh tomorrow as well.