02-12-19 Kingsley: Principals Award

Monday 2nd November 2019

We’re in complete shock: today Kingsley receives the Principals Award at the final assembly of 2019. His is the last Kinder name to be called out (and I of course had the bloody video on ‘pause’ thinking geez when will his name be called out?).

He spots me, Γιαγιά and daddy in the crowd me of course waving at him madly (and wondering whether he’s hungry). He’s not hungry, Aliki; he had 4 egg yolks and a bowl of pasta and a banana for breakfast; chill).

The Principals Award hey? Erroll and I Secretly wonder why our wayward son is so deserving. Beats me especially after yesterday’s madness when he pissed in his sports shoes. Pissed in his shoe straight after enjoying an icecream with cousin Pete! Go figure.