13-06-20 Kingsley: Jesse Playdate

Saturday 13th June 2020

No photos of Kingsley’s much anticipated Playdate with school buddy Jesse for I’m at the Botanic Gardens off duty! Erroll is in charge albeit very poorly does he feel now that the tonsillitis has taken a hold of him. Strong antibiotics and pain relief for the man. Still he tends to the boys serving cheese melts, and κουλουράκια with milk.

Highlight of the day is when Jesse sports a nose bleed due to high impact of heads as the boys play wildly on the trampoline. Jesse is cool about it no crying or fussing but Erroll thinks it best to tell Kavita & Michael when they pick him at at 5pm considering the blood stains on the child’s shirt.

A fine day ending as it began: high energy with tennis to kick the day off then Playdate for 5 straight hours.