11-01-17 Bed Sharing

Thursday 11th January 2018

A mummy here in Dubai asked a question on sleeping with her 4 year old versus frog-stomping her to her own room. Here is how I answered her…

hi mumma! You ask for my experience and here it is: Kingsley is 4 years of age. He sleeps with us. IT IS EXQUISITE! We adore the cuteness and fluffy night times as a family. We dont even fight it – we embrace it. As a consequence Kingsley is not needy or clingy when it comes to bed time. Regarding your observation that one day he will get older and not wants us with him, this is our sentiment.
Villager, I have zero regret on how we have raised/comforted Kingsley to slumber; never a tear or a desperate need to be with us at night…because Erroll and I decided to make him, and to have him close at night. Its not an issue in most of the world; having our bebe in bed with us is the natural choice for us. If you are experiencing a chasm between what you THINK is societal ‘right’ & what is your personal parentry ‘right’ insofar as child-sleep is concerned, my advice is to analyze THAT; and tease out what your true principles on the matter are; and only then form your decision/implement it. Meanwhile, enjoy the cuddles!