14-06-20 Kingsley: Visiting the Badawi Boys

Sunday 14th June 2020

As soon as Kingsley sets foot (shoes off at the door; I’ve taught him well) into the Badawi home the three eldest children do not stop or come up for air. Leo is in constant coughing fits but that won’t stop him from running up and down stairs in a game of chase. Kingsley spots the netted goal so kicks soccer balls but then notices the trampoline and they’re on! The toys room is wild like ours filled with every conceivable attraction and at one point while almost drowning in toys and games Kingsley flops on the couch asking ‘what can we play!’ (what??!)

From excitement our child barely eats anything over lunch though inhales the sausage and a plate full of hot chippies then can’t cope sitting any longer at the table so does some gymnastics moves towards the couch, Koa following on his heels.

The boys don’t wish to part ways and immediately set about fixing our next Playdate. When will we see one another, mum? Which day? In how many days is that?? Who’s house? Kingsley wants to return here (mainly due to the Super Mario console game) but the boys want our place (memories of running rampant at the Baby 1st Birthday Disco). The mums reckon Centennial Park would be a great idea too.