Kingsley: 27-1-14 Smiles

Here is a milestone that threw me into a spin: newborn smiling! The day little Kingsley smiled at me, my heart burst from my chest. How could this wee being give so much back, just with a curled mouth? It happened one fine day at home. King was awake, alert, fed and calm. I locked eyes with my son and his slate blue eyes. He gave up delightedly a new trick: gummy smiles! His pretty mouth opened, lips curling up toward his dimpled cheeks.

I of course ran about the apartment weepy-eyed and determined to encourage more of such interactions; my baby was acknowledging me! His mumma!!

And so I began coaxing smiles from our baby. Its not just the gratification that I gained each beam; as I read from the book, such exercises also help our baby’s developing self-esteem. I am actually letting Kingsley know that his feelings are important and that he can affect his environment.

Newborn smiles

Newborn smiles

After many tough months of late-night feedings, nappy changes and crying fits, I was finally in for a big treat – a smile from our baby, King.

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