17-04-19 Elektra: Mary Magdalen

Wednesday 17th April 2019

Daddy and big bro are out of the state this week. Just you and I today while little bro is under the care of Jiajia for the day. So we nap. An early morning nap because you decide to party all night last night from 4. My eyes are hanging out of my skull but we chat in bed, you crack a few smiles, coo and ahh then open that pretty rosebud mouth of yours as i yawn. For warmth I cover you in muslin, you end up resembling Mary Magdalena!

We’re not staying on doors today; it’s too glorious a day out there. I’ve taken Jiajia’s advice: we are off for a coastal walk. In the Ergobaby, tiny feet hanging out the sides you’re alert and awake, big eyes checking out the light. Come to think of it I’ve hardly taken you out of the house: once to the zoo, once to Centennial Park, once to hospital with daddy and a handful of times to fetch Kingsley from school.

For two hours we stroll, down to Coogee, up to South Coogee breathing in fresh sea air. People are swimming in the Pacific Ocean! Promise we’ll do the same next summer. So for now its strolling and a Woolies shop.