30-08-20 Twins: Sunday with Μαμά

Sunday 30th August 2020

Each day for hours at a time I’m pushing up and down hills 45kg. That’s 99 pounds. Two chunky babies and this double valcobaby Snap Duo pram. Never thought I’d be one however now I’m one of those mums who wear athleisurewear. Only because its comfy on these long treks! Literally every day too, I’m wearing singlets and tights. Anyway Elektra usually plays with my phone. Today she looked up and pressed a button. This came out! 📸

But that is the arvo. This morning we’re in the front yard for smashed avocado and garlic breakfast. These kids lap it up all by themselves a bowl with two spoons, and a side of buttery toast serves as breakfast.

By 6:15pm they’re ready for bed: back from watching big bro in his first tennis tournament, bathed and fed, changed and in bed side by side again drinking warm milk.