14-04-17 Good Friday

Friday 14th April 2017

By noon Kingsley is climbing the walls and I’m done with spring cleaning the apartment. Its time to get our Good Friday church fix. For the fourth time since arriving in Saronītha we visit our pretty village church perched high on the hill with panoramic views over the Saronic Coastline, flowering meadows, a honey bee farm and the majestic granite boulders which make up the mountain ranges.

But first: a Cornetto. And this only to coax Kingsley into his buggy for our steep uphill push of a walk to church. Once at church the feeling among the congregation is one of friendship and kindness. So many villagers stop to speak with us, hold Kingsley up to touch and kiss Xristoūli’s epitaph, ask after us (clearly foreigners with my mini dress on and Kingsley’s beachgear). The chat is so good at one stage with conversation between Harry, his pregnant wife and I over Dubai (he does consultancy work there) that I plain ignored Kingsley’s declarations he needs wee. Next minute he’s watered the church’s marble front steps.

Over the next few hours meadows, mountains, goat paths and bee farms form the background to our adventures as we park the buggy by the edge of nature and dive right in. Here is our Good Friday…

Moment we hit the streets of Saronītha at 12 noon

Church mice

Our church’s glorious epitaph

Our seaside village church flags during Paschxa


Running free in the meadows between church and the mountains

How we began our adventures: Cornetto to coax Kingsley into his pram for the uphill walk to church

Discoveries: honeycomb and where honey comes from

On the mountains after our picnic