Kingsley: Greece Summer ’16

May-June 2016 Greece

Kingsley and I flew for Athens with the plan of staying two, maximum three weeks. However, and by a stroke of luck, we managed to remain in the seaside village of Saronitha for a full five weeks. We were among dad’s kin – my aunties and uncles, cousins and Kingsley’s second cousins. We played tourists most days, catching busses to neighbouring villages for the day often returning to Saronitha at sunset exhausted yet exhilarated that we had learned of a new spot in the world.

Visiting temples in Sounio, fishing ports at Palea Fokia, farmers markets in Lavrion and pristine beaches along coastal Anavissos never got tiring. Meeting other tourists, other half Greeks, other like-minded open souls became part of our identity. Sitting in an apartment mindlessly watching telly gets tiring; exploring Greece for the fifth time with Kingsley is anything but…

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