27-04-17 School Fees

Thursday 27th April 2017

I’d never have guessed that this morning would be the last time Kingsley watches television. I knew mornings were a struggle but my mind never thought it was the (dreadful, sapping) influence of the drone-like telly systematically leeching his intelligence and personality. This morning on the school Principal’s office I was told just that: television in your household as of today is a thing of the past. It will be unplugged and you will engage the child till.his behaviour improves.

So here I am jumping on the school bus to go pay Kingsley’s fees, decide to have a quick chat with Miss Sophia (an innocent question, ‘how is Dorøtheos at achool?’) and i am ushered into her office for an hour review on not only the child, but me.

We’ve alot of work ahead of us to get Kingsley’s behaviour as it should be (to listen to his teacher Miss Ioānna; to pick his toys up – not to chuck on the ground; to work and play in a team of other kids; to built in unison; to know boundaries, ans most important to build his concentration span (which currently sits at a couple of minutes before he throws in the towel along with the toys he’s playing with).

All this Miss Sophia tells me with honesty, empathy and a deep concern for the child’s welfare. She’s seen this before: the ever loving, easy-going, non-confrontational and non-disciplining mother of energetic intelligent and sweet boys. These boys need boundaries (and strictly no TV and us mums need to learn proper tactics to teach these boys to listen and to behave like members of a classroom.

A fair exchange this: the school fees for much needed advice. Lets see how afternoon number 1 without the crutch of TV goes…

On the school run with Mr. Mixăli the driver

School drop off at 3:15pm

Used to it by now: Mummà’s after school selfie