09-07-20 Kingsley: Bunnerong Gym

Thursday 9th July 2020

The entire household bundles into the car bound for Bunnerong Gym to drop Kingsley off for this his fourth 6 hour day on the mats. He says its really enjoyable, hide and seek games are fun, learning how to tumble turn and use equipment is challenging, a craft session making a take-home item is a highlight.

Today we’re afew minutes late because its near impossible to get us all out on time fed clean bathed and dressed in our church best for today we attend Julia’s dads funeral. Kingsley of course will play on the mats, but the babies accompany Erroll and I.

That’s the first half of the day. The second half Kingsley gets on another set of mats this time at his Dojo – its jiu-jitsu time. And now with his full grey belt the training is becoming intense. Go Kingsley.