21-08-19 Kingsley: Zipline Park

Wednesday 21st August 2019

Basketball day!

Packed with all sorts of treats and cupcakes, jiu-jitsu Gi and a baby, I head to school for pick up. Kingsley is in a playful mood, shares the cupcakes with pals including Jesse and James, then we head for the first time since starting school to the Zipline. Teah is here! The kids play so well! So well in fact that he doesn’t to want to leave even if its to go to basketball.

But Teah knows what to say to her friend “if you go to basketball now Kingsley, I’ll come over for a playdate…”

It works although Kingsley cries not to leave: just one more zipline, mumma, he pleads. Teah ushers him out the gate and we’re finally at the bus stop waiting for the 313.

Today we’re trying out a quick, painless, lazy person’s way to Bondi Road: from the Junction catch the bendy bus 333. Kingsley is over the moon! A promise is made there and then to catch the bendy bus 333 back tonight (a promise which i keep!). Before then though a beautiful side of our son: at the junction he finds a 20 cent piece under our bench which we share momentarily with an elderly lady (important as she lays witness to Kingsley’s heart.

That 20 cent he sees, enthuses over, picks up and takes directly to the ‘poor man’ sitting on the pavement surrounded by his worldly possessions. And the boy looks the man in the eyes, says ‘this is for you’ and hands it to him.