29-11-20 Twins: Heatwave Day 2

Sunday 29th November 2020

Day 2 of 40 degree heat and we have taken our sorry arses to Bondi Junction for a good blast of air con. By the time we walk up to Clovelly Rd the babies are asleep this heat serving only to irritate and cause all or us to pass out. Well I can’t as I trudge uphill but these two do after drinking their milk which I now know to put in the freezer.

Currently melting even on Woolies where we usually freeze and must layer. Today girls are in bikini tops shopping for groceries. Babies won’t eat even squeezy yoghurts which they usually love, the most they’ll accept is a Yakult (Keanu) while Elektra passes out again.

Lots of attention and passers-by stopping to show how amazed at how these two cute babies are behaving, smiling, waving ‘bye’.