02-06-19 Kingsley: Man of the Match

Sunday 2nd June 2019

As a family of five we bundle ourselves in the Tiguan by 9am bound for Mascot Oval. The Coogee Dolphins are plating South Coogee and our eldest son is determined to run the ball and score Trys.

Ever since last week at Coogee Oval where Kingsley actively avoided touching the ball, he has been telling us that ‘next game I will run the ball’. And he sure did today! Try after Try the kid is a firecracker and untouchable not once succumbing to the opposition’s attempts to tackle him.

The unfortunate incident of walking in dog poo (which STUNK the entire field) did nothing to dampen his determination to dominate the game. Each time a team mate passed him the ball he gunned it down the field at lightening speed. We could hear him from the sidelines holler at Coach ‘I’m on FIRE!’

Coach saw it too; we all did. And in the end after a spectacular game Kingsley won Man of the Match. He and little Ellie did actually – both winning the Golden Boot for their bravery, skill and team work.

Now for mummā to clean off the dog poo from under that footie boot…