04-12-17 Magic Kingdom

Monday 4th December 2017

Third year in a row this little champ gets to experience the magic of Disney…but truth be told we big kids love it more!! This year even I went on rides. Spash Mountain was definitely our favourite; the kiddo was soaked and laughed out loud turning around to fellow soaking passengers to crack up with them.

Other hit rides: the Horse Carousel, Speedy Track, Dumbo, the choo-choo train, Ariel’s Grotto, Its a Small World After All, Haunted House, the Steam Boat, People Mover, and even the Tea Cups (from which Erroll emerged a little green). At night the Enchanted Castle became frozen; our eyes bulged out from our heads!

We lasted as long into the night as our legs could physically carry us – 8:30 pm. Eating bananas, apples, oranges, milk, crackers, nuts all day got us through (refused to buy dagwood dogs or ham hocks) but Kingsley got a trat: one Mickey icecream for being so fantastic all day and into the night on this his third Magic Kingdom experience…