04-06-20 Kingsley: Ulcers Bad

Thursday 4th June 2020

ERUPTING MOLARS ARE PAINFUL add to these four back teeth grinding through tender gums, swollen gums due to a viral disease (primary herpetic stomatitis), an ulcer on his hard palate, wobbly teeth and 6 year old teething, our son is in pain. All day can’t eat! This of course alarms and frustrates me endlessly: a Greek mother unable to nourish her child. How can this be? So Kingsley and I come to battle: I offer eggs, toast, banana, pasta, apple. He cries and can’t allow any further pain. At some point I cease badgering him to eat. Have a yoghurt instead, I offer.

Poor child now teething no less with 24 teeth already but can’t even use one to chew.