24-05-17 Day 3 Kids Club Monsoon

Wednesday 24th May 2017

Here is a rundown of your third day in paradise, little one:

1) you sleep till 10:30am thus allowing mummà her precious rest;

2) we three throw clothes on and run to the breakfast buffet…then remain there till almost noon eating our weight in papaya;

3) pool time with Ba-Bāh practicing holding your breath and swimming under water;

4) monsoon hits and we race for an under cover lunch at Seacret with Oma Mika and James;

5) hours of funsies spent in the Kids Club while Mummà and Ba-Bāh alternate in receiving massages on the beach;

6) pool tima action with Ba-Bāh goong down the water slide for hours;

7) Mummà enforces a time-out: resting poolside while she orders a banana milkshake and platter of pineapple and ensures Kingsley has it all;

8) walk to our room 8215 for showers and a treat: telly! Kingsley cannot believe this is actually happening and is as quiet as a church mouse lest I ‘realise’ the cartoon channel is on;

9) golf cart to dinner at the extraordinary Italian restaurant, with the entire family including Tilly who passes out after a bottle;

10) Kingsley gets three courses: pasta for starters, a plate of hot chippies for main and icecream for dessert which remained untouched;

11) piano man sings just for us: Mummà’s dance card is full as Kingsley is on the dance floor all night;

12) Kingsley has the honour of tipping the piano man who then helps him play twinkle twinkle little star by tinkling on the ivories. After a loud BRAVO Kingsley recieves a standing ovation.