07-06-20 Kingsley: Isaac Over

Sunday 7th June 2020

These two have been mates since meeting in Kindy. Isaac and Kingsley are a couple of tough school buddies and school yard playmates who don’t mind the rumble. Well today they play non stop from 10am till 6pm even playing with toys in the shower, the shower being necessary as they were stinky come 5:45pm.

All boxes of toys were emptied – various train sets, play doh, LEGO, Mouse Trap. They bashed each other on the trampoline, they stole this phone to play games, they ate bacon and sausages but turned up their noses at the packet pizza (never again Supermarket pizza) and created wonderful art with the Play Doh out on the balcony.

Already we have our next play date this time Kingsley going over to Isaac’s. Monday week!