25-06-18 Snakes & Ladders

Monday 25th June 2018

6:45pm and its lights out, our lantern on, both scrubbed clean, in bed, Peppa Pig books about to be read to this little champ who’s still poorly though went to school all day. Fingers crossed it is not a repeat of last night’s 9:30 when the torrent of preschooler spew struck our apartment. In fact I actually avoided overfeeding Kingsley today after school lest his tummy protests like yesterday.

So its bland food for him today: bananas, bread, potatoes. So far so good though I can hear his strained sleep now (its 7:45pm): breathing heavily and so very clogged up; snoring badly ’cause he can’t breathe.

A couple of hours ago however my surprise to him went down a treat: Kingsley’s first Snakes & Ladders board game. Knowing we’re not hitting the park, beach or playground after school I couldn’t resist buying this little something for our brave poorly baby…