14-02-21 Twins: Our Birthday Cake

Sunday 14th February 2021

The Aunties avd inches and cousins turn up to sing happy birthday to our twins. Elektra was more interested in playing with the big kids; Keanu hooning around on his wheels. Παστίτσιο και κεφτέδες on the menu neither wanting to eat due to the uprising of chaos.

Elektra thrills her Aunty Mika by giving her a huge hug. We are talking arms and hands up in the air running toward her and Mika swooping down to carry her at the table. Then Elektra wouldn’t leave Mika! Even through the birthday sing-along!

Keanu continues to dress half naked, refusing tops. Hunger finding an open mouth finally once the guests left Keanu starving eats a plateful of παστίτσιο while Frank licks all the children’s faces.