22-09-19 Kingsley: Day 3 Gold Coast

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Its 7pm in Sydney. The little ones are winding down: Elektra on the boob while Keanu polished off an egg omelet. Big bro Kingsley is still with the Gold Coast crew and after a phone call to me an hour ago, will stay another night. He asked permission to stay with a sensible solution to his travel plans (wish) using good manners too. How could i say no?

“Muuuum, can I stay here one more night and take the plane back tomorrow in the morning?”

So sweet the child. All day he’d become anxious and emotional each time his father would mention that they’re leaving tonight. Kingsley couldn’t cope with leaving Kobi, Jona and Leon. After all they are a crew now, playing tennis. swimming in the pool and best of all setting up the Slip & Slide (with plenty of liquid detergent.

One more night it is. He’ll miss half a day of class. But its worth it: Opportunities like this build friendships and strengthen bonds.

And I’ll deal with the school myself.